Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Songs for Fall 2011

Posted by Matt

The radio in my area has been really disappointing, overplaying autotuned assaults between aggressive commercial breaks, so for the past few months I have gotten my recommendations for new music from podcasts, the iTunes free songs of the week, recommendations of friends, and SoundHounding in public.  In case you're in the same boat, here are some of my top songs for Fall 2011 (all available on iTunes):

"Blackout" by Breathe Carolina - From what I can tell, most of their work is a screechy electro-emo that really isn't my style, but I haven't yet played this song for someone who didn't ask me all about it and make plans to buy it. It's a great, beat-driven dance song that sticks in your head and begs to open your back-to-school house party.

"Sexy Nerd" by Jonny McGovern - This infectious gay dance song sounds like it would apply to the fall's comic conventions in New York and North Carolina - until you watch the video and realize it's pretty much just about strippers who wear glasses. So it's Halloween.

"Bad Dog" by Neon Hitch - One of the hottest songs I've heard in years, this song summarizes a position of a sexually empowered woman who knows what she wants and won't idolize a man just for meeting her needs. Not one to listen to around the kids, but definitely a song to play when you need the room's temperature to go up a few degrees on these chilly autumn nights.

"Can't Stand Up" by Scotty Dynamo - This funny little track takes easy shots at celebrities like Hasselhoff, Miley Cyrus, and the Lohans, but done with such charm that it's hard to take offense.  Doesn't hurt that he's one of those cute nerds we only see on TV. Let this bring a little giggle to those days when you leave work after sunset.

"Hey Mama" by Mat Kearney - Apparently, I can't post this one directly, but follow the above link to YouTube. If you enjoy Jack Johnson but think he might sound better after a triple-shot pumpkin spice latte this autumn, this may be the song for you, something that sounds great with rustling leaves but summons memories of a summer spent in warm sand.

"Say You Like Me" by We The Kings - I know school's just started, but this is the song you're going to want to play at the end-of-the-year party, the scene where the sensitive Ethan-Embry-type walks back into the party to confess his love to that one special girl, and it's not too early to start learning the words so you can sing along to it.

"Starbucks Smile" by Maria K - This is another song that's worth the short trip over to YouTube to preview, an infectious little tune that may run through your head when you just can't get the point of leaving a warm bed on a cold, dark morning but should give you enough pep to finally throw those covers off, if for no other reason than that the coffeepot is DOWNSTAIRS.

Hope you enjoy these, and if you do, consider buying a few on iTunes!

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